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What is RING|SIDE?


Chronic singlehood, divorce before the age of 30, the “Down-Low” phenomenon, financial irresponsibility, materialism, and infidelity are all social cancers that negatively affect relationships and marriages. RING|SIDE is the long awaited therapy that dissects these issues in an open, verbally combative arena. What started out as a small, humble gathering of men and women continues to grown exponentially over time, breaking down the communication barriers that preclude healthy, successful relationships. RING|SIDE is a live event/radio program where outspoken, over-the-top, and opinionated men and women gather to vigorously debate issues salient in our community related to chronic singlehood, dating, marriage and divorce in an inter-communicative area.


What sets this event apart from others is its direct, penetrative approach to tackling the issues that corrode relationships and lead to separation/divorce. RING|SIDE is the premier event for those who have relationship questions or concerns and seek brutally honest feedback from the captive advisory counsel comprised of the opposite sex. This is not dialogue or discussion; this is verbal fisticuffs at its finest.


Bring your concerns and questions and address them to the audacious titans of verbal pugilism inside the “RING”. Come prepared for “Battle” the likes of which you have never seen or felt. A RING|SIDE event is a great alternative to the cliché club scene and the perfect way to promote uncompromising interactivity between men and women concerning a myriad of social topics that are prevalent among us. The emotionally wounded, scarred, successful, single, married, and divorced that gather within the “RING” are not statistics but human beings searching for greater understanding. The truths shared within the “RING” between the male and female combatants are not always convenient but they always promote a heightened understanding of relationships and the opposite sex. If you are searching for understanding concerning your relationship status then lace up your gloves and come stand toe-to-toe with the Outspoken, Over-the-top, and Opinionated heavyweights of RING|SIDE.